Humber College - Advanced Bookkeeping
North Campus
205 Humber College Blvd.
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 5L7
ONLINE: Continuing Education- Advanced Bookkeeping
BMTH 120 Mathematics of Finance
CIB Code
CIB Name
College Code
College Name
CIB 111
Computer Applications I
BISM 010
PC Business Essentials
CIB 112
Bookkeeping I
ACCT 011
Introduction to Accounting 1
CIB 113
Bookkeeping II
ACCT 051
Introduction Accounting 2
CIB 221
Computer Applications II
BISM 200
Business Computer Applications
CIB 222
Computerized Bookkeeping I
ACCT 152
Computerized Accounting
CIB 223
Computerized Bookkeeping II
ACCT 204
Computerized Accounting
CIB 331
Cost Management
ACCT 153
Cost Accounting 1
CIB 332
Income Tax
ACCT 203
Introduction to Income Tax
CIB 333
Payroll Administration
ACCT 117
Payroll Administration
Annotation (if applicable)