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Sault Ste. Marie, ON
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OEL 629 Business Math
CIB Code
CIB Name
College Code
College Name
CIB 111
Computer Applications I
OEL 1226
Computer Applications for Business I
CIB 112
Bookkeeping I
OEL 1024
Accounting Basics I
CIB 113
Bookkeeping II
OEL 1025
Accounting Basic II
CIB 221
Computer Applications II
OEL 1172
OEL 657
Word - Specialist
CIB 222
Computerized Bookkeeping I
OEL 1229
Computerized Accounting
(Sage 50)
CIB 223
Computerized Bookkeeping II
OEL 1078
QuickBooks - Level 1
CIB 331
Cost Management
OEL 1016
Cost and Managerial Accounting I
CIB 332
Income Tax
OEL 237
Taxation I
CIB 333
Payroll Administration
OEL 732
Payroll Administration
Annotation (if applicable)
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