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While most employers place trust in their employees, many instances of economic crime (35%) are committed by internal staff. It is imperative that businesses invest in individuals with the knowledge and skills worthy of that trust. Certified Bookkeepers can meet this challenge. Certified Bookkeepers are on the front line of compiling financial data. Their academic background and practical experience ensure that their input meets the highest standard. In addition, a Code of Professional Conduct gives employers or clients the confidence in the services provided by a Certified Bookkeeper. The work of a Certified Bookkeeper is interesting, stimulating and challenging. As essential members of the organization, Certified Bookkeepers are committed to the success of their employers. Alternatively, many CBs will generate opportunities for themselves as self-employed professionals operating their own bookkeeping practice. As a Certified Bookkeeper, your professionalism will be recognized and rewarded. Remember, a skilled profession is the best employment insurance.


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