The minimum requirement for entrance is graduation from high school or equivalent at a Grade 12 level. Completion of senior secondary school courses in Mathematics and English is recommended. Mature students (21 years of age or over) may be admitted without high school standing if they have two years of practical business experience.

It is imperative that student members have access to a computer in order to facilitate the requirements of many of the courses in the program. If necessary, students must complete an introductory computer course, outside of the Institute's course of study, as a prerequisite for many of the courses in the program.

New members are required to submit a one-time Enrolment Fee.

By enrolling in CIB, a student indicates the intention of completing the program within the recommended five-year time period. Members also agree to abide by the rules and regulations and the Code of Professional Conduct of CIB.

CIB contracts to act as Registrar, maintain individual records, rule on courses equivalencies and make determinations on appeals. Enrolment must be completed before student records are initiated. The Application for Enrolment should be forwarded to The Registrar, CIB. You can enroll in CIB before,
during or after completion of the academic program.

To enroll in the Certified Bookkeeper program, you are required to be currently employed in the Bookkeeping field.