The Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping is national non-profit organization dedicated to establishing educational, professional and ethical standards in the bookkeeping profession.

Academic Program

Academic courses provide in-depth knowledge of bookkeeping practices; computer applications offer the basis for solid practical experience.

Courses are completed at local Community Colleges across Canada. Many courses are offered on-line. Some exemptions are available based on work experience. Upon completion of all courses, members receive a Certificate of Accomplishment to recognize their academic achievement

Practical Experience

In addition, there is a three-year work requirement in which a member must demonstrate proficiency in bookkeeping. This work requirement can be done before, during or after the academic program. An Experience Evaluation Questionnaire must be completed to verify work experience.


When both the academic and practical experience requirements are met, the member obtains the designation, Certified Bookkeeper. All members are governed by a Code of Professional Conduct. Membership in the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping opens the door to a new and exciting future. Join with us to make it your future too.

Open Notebook

Certified Bookkeepers must complete a post-secondary academic program that provides a solid basis to get the job done. The comprehensive body of knowledge offers theoretical and practical applications of Bookkeeping practices that are designed to meet the challenges that a Certified Bookkeeper will face.

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Certified Bookkeepers must gain three years of full-function Bookkeeping experience that encompasses the knowledge obtained in the academic program. This hands-on experience ensures that the financial records can be relied upon to make the sound decisions needed in any business.


Certified Bookkeepers are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct that dictates their responsibilities to employers and clients, to the Bookkeeping profession and to society at large. Non-compliance of these standards may result in the termination of membership and the revocation of a license to practice as a Certified Bookkeeper.