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  The Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping is national non-profit organization dedicated to establishing educational, professional and ethical standards in the bookkeeping profession.

CIBís professional development program requires both academic achievement and practical work experience. To obtain Certification, all students complete nine courses which provide an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects and applications of general bookkeeping principles. These courses are offered through Community Colleges across Canada. Members must also obtain three years of full-time, practical bookkeeping experience where they have demonstrated the skills and knowledge acquired in the academic program. Seminars covering topics such as compliance engagements, adjusting entries, internal controls, cash flow statements and year end lead sheets offer ongoing educational opportunities to CIB members.

Do you have confidence in the numbers on your Financial Statements? Do your bookkeeperís working papers provide an audit trail? Do your internal control systems reduce the risk of fraud? Do you know of any hidden costs that reduce your profits? If you have any doubts, you should consider hiring a Certified Bookkeeper. If your current bookkeeper is not certified, encourage him or her to complete CIBís professional development program. Both of you will reap substantial benefits. A Certified Bookkeeper can reduce your costs, add value to your business and improve your bottom line. Certified Bookkeepers are knowledgeable, reliable and professional. This professionalism is demanded through CIBís Code of Professional Conduct. If you want to have trust in the results, trust in a Certified Bookkeeper.


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