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  Many people who begin a new business feel that they can keep their own books. By doing so, they believe they can save money, keep a closer eye on what’s happening in the business and maintain their privacy.
This may be the case for a small start-up. However, as the business grows, the owner will find that time is too valuable to spend on making journal entries and printing out financial statements.
The time comes when hiring a bookkeeper becomes a necessity. An owner can save time and money by utilizing the services of someone who specializes in bookkeeping.
How will you find a bookkeeper? Ask other business owners if they would recommend their bookkeeper. Or ask your accountant, if you have one. Industry associations and internet job sites are other sources that can prove to be worthwhile.
You now have the opportunity to advertise your bookkeeping needs to members of CIB. Please follow these instructions:

- Download the Employment Opportunity Form and save it in your computer.
- Fill out all the highlighted fields. Note the dropdown menu.
- Do not insert extra lines, as we only take into consideration one page documents.
- E-mail it to info@cibcb.com  (only e-mail attachments are processed).
- Please review your submission for accuracy

Notice to Employers:
   1. Please verify membership status before offering employment.
   2. Please confirm the employment of any CIB member with CIB
       by e-mail:  info@cibcb.com
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