Experience Requirement

Students must obtain three years of full-time, practical experience that demonstrates proficiency in full-function Bookkeeping. See Job Description.


Work experience can be obtained before, during or after completion of the academic program.


Bookkeeping experience obtained outside of Canada might receive a one-year exemption for the work experience requirement. Proof of experience is required.


It is expected that your work experience will encompass most Bookkeeping functions up to a Trial Balance. Self-employed individuals may be involved in the preparation of year-end financial statements. Limited experience will not constitute relevant experience required for Certification.

It will be incumbent upon you to fill the areas lacking with your current employer or a new employer.  

Be aware that an individual must currently be working in Bookkeeping when applying for Certification.


An Experience Evaluation Questionnaire (EEQ), used to verify work experience, is only provided when both program requirements are completed. The EEQ provides a summary of work experience. An employer must sign off on the accuracy of the EEQ. If self-employed, an alternative method of ensuring accuracy will be available.

When both the academic and experience requirements are met, the member obtains the designation, Certified Bookkeeper.